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Cameo Jewelry Supply
50 Blueberry Circle
Newfane, VT 05345 USA
Phone: 1-802-738-7293


Diffuser Locket, Perfume Locket, Craft Lockets, Empty Lockets - We offer several styles of scent lockets otherwise known as essential oil diffusers.  We have some with a pierced filigree cover. These are known as perfume lockets. Originally woman would wear these around their neck and inside would be a strong perfume or scent of some type. The purpose was so when the lady was walking down the streets of a city like Paris in the days before proper sanitation systems she would have this with her to hold to her nose should she come across some offensive odors. We have obviously moved away from that today and instead artist and crafters offer them as aromatherapy lockets and pendants. What is currently very popular is to take an empty filigree locket and inside you place some type of solid perfume or you can use a felt or leather pad and dap it with essential oil to make a diffuser locket. Other lockets offered may have a flat pad, setting or bezel on them. This allows you to glue in the appropriate size cameo, cabochon or perhaps your own picture.

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Antique Brass Book Locket 521x
Price: $1.32