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Adjustable Ring Blanks, Ring Findings, Ring Bases;

       We sell inexpensive ring blanks. They are all adjustable and have some type of setting, bezel or pad where you are supposed to glue a cameo, stone or your own art work on. You'll find wholesale pricing at 144pcs. These are affordable and meant to be a fun funky fashion ring.

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Item#319q Adjustable silver ring with pad

Item#319q Adjustable silver ring with pad
SKU:  319q
Price: $0.50

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Item#122a Gold 18x13 ring

Item#122a Gold 18x13 ring
SKU:  122a
Price: $0.74

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Item#123a Silver 18x13 ring

Item#123a Silver 18x13 ring
SKU:  123a
Price: $1.48

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