Wholesale Cameos

Welcome to Cameo Jewelry Supply. If you are looking for wholesale cameos you are in the right place. Wholesale pricing is available on most of our cameos. Pricing levels are based on the quantity you order. A single piece of any item will be at retail price, above 12pcs you will get 25% off and the full 50% off is reached at the gross ( 144pc) level. In order to confirm these price breaks, please click on that specific item to view the discount level. For customers requiring very high volume levels on specific items please contact us directly at squarpeg@together.net  to check on additional breaks and availability. Below is small look at the cameos we have available please use the links on the left to find the correct style and size you are looking for.

40x30mm Unset Cameos the Subject is People:

    All the loose cameos you see below are 40x30mm ( some people say 30x40mm ) but it is the same size.  These cameos will have the subject matter as some type of human form.  This includes the common profile of a woman but you will also find angel cameos, cherub cameos, fairy cameos.....you get the idea. The cameos are loose or unset. You can do anything with them but most people usually put them in some type of cameo settings. We offer these in another section. You want to match the sizes. so if you order a 40x30 cameo then look at the 40x30 settings. These will fit properly. 

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