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Necklace Choker Jewelry, Choker Ribbon, Choker Settings:

     Below you will find a number of items to make necklace chokers with. You will need some type of satin ribbon. On the ends of that you will place what is called a crimp ends. You should look for ends about the same size as the width of your ribbon. If using 10mm ribbon try to buy a 10mm crimp end. If the ribbon is a bit bigger you can trim it down as it goes into the crimp end. You will also need some jump rings, a bit of footage chain, and a  lobster clasp. How you mount whatever your centerpiece is, is up to you. I do have a 18x13mm slide setting. or you can sew on a dangle setting, or perhaps mount your centerpiece on a little filigree and then sew that on. Lots of options.

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